a recommendation from a friend is the best kind of marketing there is.  our clients love us, and we ask them to tell you themselves so you have no doubts.  Read below some first-hand accounts, and check us out on google, bark, and yelp too!

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 Natasha has helped me meet, and surpass my fitness goals! Over two years  ago, when I started, I just wanted to maintain my weight and be thin,  but now my focus has turned to wanting to be strong! I could never have  stuck with something this long if it was just lifting weights and  machines.  Natasha is always finding new, creative and effective ways to  work a muscle, or combine strength and cardio.  I love her kickboxing  and strength training classes, and have also enjoyed the added challenge  of having her train me once a week for the past two months. I am amazed  my how far she has pushed me during these personal training sessions,  and am even more amazed by the results I've seen already!  She is an  excellent trainer! 


 I've been going to Natasha's classes since November 2016. First I started going twice a week, but now I'm there almost every day and  recently also started personal training with her. She is honestly the  best trainer I've ever met. Classes are fun and challenging but never  the same. I've learned so much! It doesn't matter if you are just  beginning your fitness journey or you want to take it to the next level,  she can help you reach your goals! 


 Not only have I been attending Natasha's kickboxing and strength  training classes for over a year now, but just recently I started  personal training with her as well.  Natasha is by far one of the very  best personal trainers I've ever met!  She has pushed me far beyond what  I ever even imagined I could accomplish.  I am now stronger than I ever  have been and am in the best physical shape I've ever been in all  thanks to her.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about  what she does.  She encourages her clients and motivates them to push  themselves a little more each and every workout.  I love that my  workouts with her are dynamic and ever changing.  I never know what I'm  going to do when walking in the door but love that I leave there feeling  strong and confident.  If you are looking to take your workouts to the  next level or are trying to reach a personal fitness goal, you have to  come see Natasha. She simply is the best!!! 


 I've been going to Natasha's classes for over a year and have been doing  personal training sessions with her since October 2016. Natasha is the  best trainer I've ever known. She will push, motivate and inspire you.  She also realizes that we live in the real world and falling off the  wagon is a part of life. She brings a nice balance to everyday life.  If  you're thinking of joining a gym or getting a personal trainer she  should be at the top of your list. 


I have been taking Natasha's classes since July and I keep going back  for more! She is an excellent trainer and is extremely intelligent!! I  love her, her classes.... that are never the same, her passion for being  a Personal Trainer, the way she helps you and pushes you all the time,  and all the friends I have made along the way!!! We have fun, workout,  and laugh....I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!! 

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