Our classic ChoreoKickboxing is back!  Our routines are choreographed, no-sparring, and no-impact to maximize your cardio workout while introducing and improving your technique and skill.  Routines are set to popular radio music and we're always bringing in new ones!

Fighter Fitness & Endurance kickboxing

Fighter Fitness and Endurance Kickboxing include general kickboxing and mitt work designed to get your heart rate up and make you sweat without becoming boring and predictable.  Classes are uniquely designed to accommodate beginners all the way through to advanced clients, all on one mat.  Learn and practice technique while burning calories and improving stamina.   Each class is different!  The best fitness workout in Magnolia!  

Endurance Kickboxing focuses more on the cardio/fitness aspect, while Fighter Fitness has an emphasis on technique.

Neither class includes any sparring or combat.  They are designed for fitness and technique.  Even those who are new to exercise of any kind can benefit from these classes.  

On the other hand, if you'd like to spar reach out to us to schedule a private session!

Strength Training

Strength and weight lifting circuits that target specific muscle groups.  We use simple equipment, body weight, resistance bands, and free weights.  You will be sore tomorrow! 

Boxing/Combo Fitness

This class includes lots of technique and strategy built in to our cardio workout to improve skill and real-world application.  We use our custom-designed combo series you won't find ANYWHERE else!  They are designed by Natasha Devos herself and are not authorized for replication by anyone but our own instructors!  Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your existing technique, you'll find a valuable experience here.

Personal Training (Private and Group)

Natasha is a certified personal trainer with a client base that can speak to her ability with results! She is known for creating new workouts that keep people coming back over and over again without any fancy and difficult equipment.  Appointments available 6 days a week, either outdoors or in an air-conditioned gym facility, whichever you prefer.  Our place or yours!  Call or text for details.

Challenges, Boot Camps, Yoga, and More

We enjoy hosting challenges of different varieties year-round, yoga, and boot camps when the weather allows, so keep watch on Facebook for updates!


we offer a ton of membership options, including punch cards, single-class drop-in, month-to-month, and contract-basis.  Please reach out to us for more information.

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